Pakistan’s Fastest Female Athlete Happens to be Imam’s Daughter

Pakistan's Fastest Female Athlete Happens to be Imam's Daughter

Imam Sahab’s daughter grew up to be an athlete

Sahib-e-Asra is the fastest female athlete of Pakistan, who is giving tough competition to her competitors in the field. She also happens to be the daughter of Imam.

Asra is not only giving tough competition on-field, but also off-field. She is breaking the stereotypes of the society. When the news came of Asra being a daughter of Imam (Muslim preacher), it nearly shook many people around the country. As it was against the conventional image which has been set for the Imam of Majid (Mosque) and his lifestyle.

Asra and her father, Qari Alam Khan are inhabitants of Faisalabad. Asra is running athlete since her school days, she then pursued her passion at the state and district level. Having known that not much resources are available for the people indulged in sports. She still sprint in provincial tournaments, and won a gold medal in one of those tournaments.

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Asra went on and told the media that her father was very supportive throughout her journey. He withstood with her and not let the talk of society damage her daughter’s passion. Moreover, she told that there are very less facilities for athlete in the country. And we are lacking in coaching, and we are way behind than our neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh.

Compassionate father and his encouraging support

Her father, Qari Alam Khan told that he got to know about asra’s passion from her school teacher. And he was supportive enough in her decision of considering it as her profession. Furthermore, he said that she left her studies to pursue her passion, but athletes in the country are not getting what they actually deserves.

Qari Alam Khan added that he is proud of her daughter as if he was proud of his son.

What are your views on Sahib-e-Asra’s passion, and do you think it is a high time government should promote sports in the country? Comment below!

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