Huawei Confirms Launch Date for its Foldable Phone

Huawei Confirms Launch Date for its Foldable Phone

Huawei has shown a teaser for its foldable phone that now has an official reveal date of February 24.

The company was already working on its foldable device for over a year and said that it would reveal it at the upcoming MWC. To back up its claim, the Chinese tech giant is now posting teasers all over the web to raise hype in the market, showing off the phone’s foldable design.

The teaser, however, doesn’t reveal anything major about the design. It just gives a hint that the phone will use a single folding hinge in the middle, and will also keep the display panel outside the fold.

The teaser image is shown below:

Huawei Confirms Launch Date for its Foldable Phone 1

Other reports talk about the foldable Huawei phone’s internal specifications. It’ll use a Balong 5000 5G modem – the phone is going to pack some high-end hardware, and most definitely a very high price so we expect it to pack some of the best hardware in recent times. The modem will work with a Kirin 980 chipset – Huawei’s homemade processor series that also has 5G functionality.

While the company hasn’t given exact details about what it plans to unveil at the event, it did say that it will launch some “5G phones” – plural, meaning we are likely to see another non-foldable 5G phone as well.

The company earlier filed parents for its foldable phone design. The design involved a single crease in the middle to separate two panels, that closed or opened like a book.


Huawei Patents its Own Foldable Smartphone

Seeing the new teaser, we can guess that the upcoming phone might resemble the blueprints we saw earlier, a phone that opens and closes just like any book.

Samsung, too, is about to launch its foldable phone on February 20. Apparently, Huawei isn’t planning to take its rival by surprise but rather wants to wait it out a few days before unveiling its big device of this year.

Xiaomi revealed its own foldable phone in a video a few days ago but hasn’t talked about a launch date yet.

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