FIA Arrests Four Scammers Involved in Online Fraudulent of Rs. 200 Million

FIA Arrests Four Scammers Involved in Online Fraudulent of Rs. 200 Million

FIA arrests four scammers involved in fraudulent of RS. 200 million online

FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) has emphasized its operation against online fraudsters and scammers who are looting money from users.

It is been said that four scammers are arrested by FIA, who were involved in online fraudulent of over Rs. 200 million.

The suspects scammed over 10,000 users and looted money from them online of Rs. 200 million.

According to FIA, the four suspects created a fake website of international marketing company and induced users to visit their website and pay online.

Deputy Director FIA Karachi, Abdul Ghaffar spoke to media that suspects were operating this fake website by showing it as an Italian multi-national company.

These scammers were making money by persuading the users to invest in the fake virtual money. They were charging $1.5 per user, and received Rs. 200 million in total. The fraudsters somehow convinced the users that by paying money for this fake virtual currency, it will be easy to earn profit.

However, when the news reached FIA, the agency conducted an operation against these scammers. The investigation agency arrested two fraudsters in Karachi, while the other two were the residents of Nawabshah.

The Federal Investigation Agency has been in action against these scammers for a while. Online scamming is one big threat in Pakistan, especially, after the introduction of other virtual money markets.

Citizens of Pakistan, bothered by regular inflation, are putting their trust in these fake websites to come over their expenses are ending up paying money to scammers. These scammings need to be stopped as soon as possible, because many of Pakistani users are in effort to become well off are getting deprive of their hard earned money.

What are your views on these online websites of virtual currency and users’ intentions to get rich by these websites?

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